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NJEC Guarantee

To acquire a new language skill requires commitment from both student and teacher.

Our Commitment

At NJEC we have hired experienced, licensed, certified ESL teachers who are committed to educating students from all over the world with various language skills to become fluent in American English. Since we believe in our teachers, curriculum, and methodology, we are willing to guarantee your success.

Your 5 points Commitment

To reach your goal at NJEC we ask for your commitment by requiring students to:

  1. Attend all of their classes on time
  2. Participate in all classroom activities and exercises
  3. Take all quizzes and tests during class
  4. Complete all homework assignments
  5. Speak only English while in class

How do we measure your success?

Before starting at NJEC, we will test you to determine your current English level. Then we will chart out your progress based on the length of study. If you follow the required 5 points commitment, we guarantee you will progress at the chart below or we will allow you to retake the classes until you do at no additional cost.

We guarantee you will progress according to the chart below:

CEFR Chart 2