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Important Reasons to Take ESL Classes in New Jersey


If you are new to the United States, or you are looking to improve your current English speaking skills, don’t miss out on the many great benefits we offer here at the New Jersey English Center. Learning the English language is easiest and more enjoyable by taking our Learning the English language is easiest and more enjoyable by taking our ESL classes. Getting the most out of the American dream means you being able to speak the language. Learn more about how we can help you learn the English language.


We aim to provide a welcoming, inclusive environment for international students, providing an Intensive English Program (IEP) designed to ensure all our students become fluent in American English.
Our three objectives are:
1. To deliver premium language courses which not only allow students to develop an excellent grasp of American English, but also to use their skills to communicate their ideas, think critically and improve their spoken and written comprehension.
2. To embrace a diversity of students, enabling each one to become part of the school’s community. We encourage our students to aim high and do all that we can to facilitate the success of everyone.
3. Students not only improve their American English, they are also enriched through learning more about U.S. culture, values and ways of life.







Three Levels of ESL Courses Are Available

Catering to any level of experience with the language, we have the ESL courses for you. Our classes are designed to fit your specific comprehension of the language. You can take all three classes to gain the ability to write advanced English for academics in college, or you can simply learn the basics for trouble-free communication. You should know that English is spoken in many countries all around the globe, not just in America. Becoming proficient in the English language opens many doorways of opportunities for you as a bilingual speaker as well.

TOEFL Classes to Prepare You for the ‘Test Of English as a Foreign Language’

If you want to attend a college or university, you will need to take the TOEFL exam. Most colleges and universities require foreign speaking students to pass this test to exhibit their level of English proficiency. Our TOEFL preparation courses are taught by experienced professors of the English language that will help you through the most challenging aspects of the language, including reading, listening, comprehension, writing and speaking.

Don’t Miss Out in Any English Speaking Country

When you can communicate in America through your spoken or written words, you have greater opportunities towards independence and success. When you start our classes, you will see the world differently because you will understand what everyone is saying around you. You do not have to miss out on life’s opportunities because you do not understand or speak the English language. Fill out your application and send it to us when you are ready to make a positive change in your life. You can also call our New Jersey admissions office at 1-(201)292-3412 o learn more.


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We are located right in the heart of one of the most prestigious areas of New Jersey: Steps to Journal Square PATH ! People from all over the world come to study in New Jersey, one of the best places in the world to learn English and experience America!
With with bus lines to New York City (a 15-minute trip with no traffic) and all trains connecting with Manhattan in 10 minutes.